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Hello friends, my name is Storm a (Cancer Warrior), my real name is Tony, but as I may not survive to see this project completed my real name doesn’t matter. My legacy is for the site to continue, so whatever happens the Storm you know will survive, as you cannot KILL hope. And CRU members I will not allow it to die for you either!

This is the foundation site for all Cancer Warriors.

Together we stand strong !


I can only show the way not walk your journey

Who is Cancer R Us?

Cancer R Us is a SAFE and FREE site run by free spirited Warriors for all cancer and terminally disadvantaged people, their family & friends. We offer impartial advice and a forum for your concerns and your voice to be heard. Hopefully a place where you can take back control of your life and learn that you too can hope for a future, to live life once again! What you will not find at Cancer R Us are any unnecessary nasty images of cancers, no recriminations. More importantly no false promises or magic cures as we promise there will be no commercial enterprises on this site trying to deprive you of any money for unproven pipe-dreams, products or services!

There are only three rules for this site –
  1. No nasty or abusive behaviour
  2. No commercial touting
  3. No negativeness

Why are we here?

It is imperative that all victims of dangerous diseases and their loved ones keep up a strong P.M.A (positive mental attitude) and a great sense of humour. Laughter is a great medicine!

This is a new site and will be constantly improved and upgraded, becoming more useful as we hear from other Warriors and their family, friends and loved ones. A brief description about how each page can operate and benefit people, is described at the head of each drop down menu. Please bare in mind that this site and its CRU’s benefits will improve greatly only as fellow warriors share information, experiences and results etc!

One of the principle reasons for this site is to collate, analysis, evaluate and report all alternative healing options, based on fellow Warrior experience and results. This will benefit all Warriors across the globe, as they will  be in a position of strength too base their personal decisions for treatment, based on truth and facts not fiction or fantasy. We are non-judgemental, whatever route you chose to travel. Your fellow CRU Warriors will support your decision and give all assistance we can. So fellow warriors prepare to take the first steps on your journey of hope and a full recovery from your illness. We make no false promises or claims but at the very least we can help achieve a positive outlook for you, so that you can live with dignity and find genuine caring friendship!

You will notice two symbols prevalent on our site. The logo depicts the hands of friendship and the strength and courage of a free eagle. The anchors have long represented a symbol of hope! These are what we hope you take from this site.

Storm will be offering a helpline phone number between the hours of 11.00am – 6.00pm and if your call cannot be answered in person you are welcome to leave a landline number and either a first name or your chosen Warrior name. To that end we would invite all patients/warriors to join the CRU by completing the contact form or get in touch.



Storm cannot offer any professional medical advice but as a Cancer Warrior he walks the same path as you and can impart his knowledge, stories and alternative options which may be of benefit to you. Storm does not necessarily advocate or condone the taking of any drugs legal or otherwise but equally does not judge those that seek any options that give them and their loved ones the hope of recovery. Please read the information on this website but remember this website contains Storms & other warriors personal experiences and opinions. But you need to ensure what you do is right for you and your loved ones alone! Furthermore in the event that any content is included here that should not be, please advise as we have many well intentioned contributors and are not aware of all original sources!  This is a non-commercial/not for profit website!