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A little bit about hospices.

To make it clear a hospice is not just a place where people go to die. I myself have recently escaped a hospice and am now trying to find an escape route back (joke!) but on a serious note please don’t be frightened about the words palliative care or being asked to a hospice for an MOT. I personally believe that a hospice provides a place of safety, sanctuary and a chance to recuperate. It provides an environment for living with peace and dignity. And whilst it is true that some fellow Warriors may pass this “mortal coil” whilst a resident, I am living proof that you can go in and come out stronger, healthier and more determined than ever to carry on the fight for life. Never let your hope die!


A tip bit – Number one

Sadly I recently had to arrange for my own family pet, Jessie, to be put to sleep due to the fact she had developed cancer of her own. I was not in a position to know, that at the time, there was a possibility of giving her some alternative medicine which may of helped!

It got me thinking that there must be many Warriors out there that like my family, have a family pet. Together with the pressures of being diagnosed with a serious illness can way heavy on the mind, concerns about your pets future or indeed your own future with life without a pet can be very traumatic. I then came across this image which I thought very appropriate to add here! And having had a few months to come to terms with our loss,  appreciate the sentiments of the image and are currently looking at the possibility of adopting a new pet!

So whether you are concerned about leaving your treasured pet or worried about being left without your friend do look on the positive side. Hopefully you can become stronger through your illness, take heart and find the strength to take under your wings, a new friend to give comfort to and take comfort from!