We will show and advise you on various options that may be suitable for your condition!

Below you will find some infomation charts, that may offer you an insight into what illnesses might be assisted by the use of non-conventional immunotherapy treatments. Immunotherapy options are now being hailed as the new breakthrough by the conventional medical bodies and their pharmaceutical counterparts. I for one, wholeheartedly agree that your own bodies immune system, is indeed the best way of healing your internals when they are misbehaving!

Storm and fellow CRU members are fully aware of other brave Warriors undertakingalternative trial drugsfor a conventional medicine route and we offer our true gratitude and sincere hopes for the healing of each individual warrior. RESPECT to you all!



Pssss…Move in closer, I have a secret to share with you!


If  you are seeking a “magic cure” for your illness it does not exist…However if you are looking for an alternative treatment that is commonly known in the public media as either Rick Simpson oil” or by the more romantic name of Phoenix Tears” that is a different matter altogether!

Rick Simpson tells his own story on one of the links we provide. I personally have the up-most respect for him bringing to the public’s attention a natural product which has helped the health of the inhabitants of earth for thousands of years. But, this is not a magic cure! It is a proven natural assistant to the natural healing abilities of your own body. Added together with a positive attitude and outlook for your future, along with some changes to your lifestyle and habits it can have a remarkable influence over the outcome of your personal illness!

But here comes the big questions..Where do I acquire it? How much does it cost? What will it do for me? Can you get me some?…

At the time of writing it is one hundred percent illegal in the UK to sell either a cannabis or hemp oil that will help your cause! Please note: don’t confuse health products with medicinal based ones! And  whilst it may be possible to buy a form of product over the internet, it is an action I would not recommend you do!

We have in the UK some brave Warrior CARERS who at their own risk offer to help people who need an alternative form of medication to either survive or recover on a permanent basis and there are various clubs scattered around the UK that are commonly called ‘Compassionate Clubs’ where by they donate, free of charge, natural products to help those in need. A word to all carers from all Warriors.” Our thanks for all your efforts”, they are appreciated and we know you work under difficult circumstances!

So be very cautious when considering these options. We will give all assistance and advice as how to go forward along that journey if you so believe it is the right path for you!

But please DO NOT   get suckered into buying a non natural, none 100% pure oil as you will find them ineffective, expensive and quite honestly a waste of time!

So friends I hope that this clarifies what I had been seeking an answer to, for many months. We at CRU, we’re here for you, so remember: Whatever direction you choose to take?……Together we stand strong!


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