The FAQ page speaks for itself but hopefully we will introduce questions and give you alternative answers to what can normally be found out there. Please feel free to ask any questions that you might have including what, why, how etc and as already mentioned of the CRU site we have access to conventional medically qualified doctors and consultants who have a forward thinking and like minded attitude which can be called upon if so required!
Hi. It is imperative that no one should face the difficult challenge of being diagnosed with cancer alone. Support from your loved ones and your fellow Warriors can help you come to terms with the journey that lies ahead for you. As we have no further information regarding your diagnosis or what stage you are at. Please contact us again so that we can further assist and point you in the right direction for more useful information and other treatment options. Furthermore if you do not know the best way to discuss this situation with your family please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to give you a few pointers as we have been through this ourselves.
Hello Sarah. If you check out our useful links page you may find some pointers of use. However at CRU we try to personalise our support to the individual and therefore would be more than happy to establish what you have already considered or options you have been offered even if not taken up at this point. If you would like to contact us direct via email or phone please feel free to do so where we can offer you further support that you might need.