Useful Links & Pointers!

This page will support any new links that upon investigation and evidence proves, might be useful to the members of CRU. We welcome you to send any links that you may feel safe  & useful!

There are links that you may or may not have already looked at!  Some are helpful but some are ultimately full of negatives, dependant on your state of mind, at the time. If you want more information on your illness I’d advise you read but as I did last year, reading and re-reading negative comments about your illness may not offer you any reassurance or hope!

We have also added some alternative medicine links, please take a look as we are trying to provide you with options and ultimately hope for your future!

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Conventional options!

Macmillans –

Cancer Research UK –

Dementia –

MS –


Alternative options!

Phoenix Tears

Simpson Ramadur

Medical Jane



It has been brought to our attention, that travelling, especially abroad has proved very taxing and problematic regarding insurance! We are in the process of checking out some options that will prove easier to deal with and most important, affordable! and having spoken to either  principle’s or senior manager’s will add appropriate contact/link details! ………. Below!



NB* : If you can think of anything, ie: products or services that CRU can try to negotiate for either you or in general, please advise, as we have some great Warrior business/negotiaters!