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    How to have the best sex life

    This happens in your body when you do not have sex
    Why you should have daily sex
    1. Pure stress!
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    When you have stress, sex can work wonders. Because he is the perfect relaxation agent. Almost like a relaxing vacation. Singles who are not sexually active, unfortunately, have to do without this type of stress reduction.
    2. Cold risk increases
    Well, do you have a cold? That may be because you have no sex. Those who have a lot of sex form more antibodies – especially because of the saliva exchange – which serve the defense against colds and other pathogens.
    3. Heart attack trisko is rising
    Those who have intact sex lives should reduce heart attack risk, according to a study published in the 2010 American Journal of Cardiology. High blood pressure should be reduced as well.
    4. More orgasms = long life?
    According to brigitte.de the life expectancy increases with the number of orgasms. So you have to slowly but surely look for a sexual partner, or even lend a hand.
    5. Hello, fat pad!
    Many singles seek a substitute for sex. Some resort to burgers, pizza, chocolate and Co. to compensate for the sex withdrawal. In addition, with you the sporty factor of intercourse away. So you should go to the gym more often.

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