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    Caiye is a technology oriented enterprise in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, focusing on the research, development, design and production of high-end tempered glass screen protector. For many brands, making phone and tablet screen protector is an afterthought. But, for us, It鈥檚 the main attraction. It鈥檚 the only thing we鈥檝e been doing for the last ten years.
    Our mission is simple: To create the most intelligent premium screen protection for people all over the world.
    Each and every one of our products is the result of this passion for screen protection. You鈥檒l notice the difference every time you pick up your phone or tablet. Our in-house design, engineering and R&D teams use the latest science, our own cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and unique materials to make this happen.
    As one of China鈥檚 fastest-growing tech companies, we always look beyond the conventional to discover new ways to do things better, creating products that nobody else could.
    We are constantly developing protection for the latest handsets within the market, we are always the best and the first in launching the screen protector for latest phone or tablet.
    Our Key Advantages:
    1. Owning the highest level* clean room for manufacturing enviroment in the industry(*The No. of dust particles less than 0.5um鈮?00/m鲁);
    2. The huge production capacity of 150,000 pcs/day ensures stable delivery on time;
    3. Leading the industry with cutting-edge technologies and with biggest market share;
    4. One of the best and largest screen protector manufacturers in the industry;
    5. Most active participants in all kinds of consumer electronics exhibitions/shows;
    6. First and best to launch latest styles and models with constant reduction in production cost while still keep the highest quality standard;
    7. Sold the most of screen protectors via extensive channels worldwide compared to other manufacturers in China ;
    8. Keep customer information as top confidential;
    9. Fastest growing company with year-on-year growth rate of 35%;
    10. Have obtained relevant BV and SGS enterprise and relevant product certifications. China Anti-blue Ray Screen Protector For IPad Air

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