• November 29, 2018 at 10:50 am #61822

    In the process of constructing sports grounds, such troubles are sometimes encountered. The usable area is limited, but it needs to meet a variety of sports needs.
    In this case, BY multi-purpose synthetic grass artificial lawn provides a solution. BY’s multipurpose artificial grass can guarantee two or three different sports applications on the same site,such as football and hockey pitches, football and rugby venues, volleyball and badminton venues and so on.
    The multi-functional venue can effectively save the exercise space, maximize the use of the venue, and save construction costs.
    Along with virtually no maintenance or concerns about soil or climatic conditions, many other features make BY artificial grass lawn products perfect for your lawns, gardens and other green areas:
    No watering
    No mowing
    No allergy-causing grass pollen and cuttings
    No fertilizer required
    Lush and green 365 days a year, in drought, frost or soggy areas
    Looks and feels like the real thing
    Free of harmful materials
    Constructed with drainage to dry out quickly
    Child friendly
    Pet friendly
    UV stabilized to minimize fading
    Manufacturer’s warranty
    Our company:China Artificial Grass manufacturers

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