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    Discription of freeze dried vegetables & egg soup
    Freeze Drying Good
    Freeze-drying is this great!
    •Loss of flavor, texture, color, and nutritional value is limited
    •Retains the flavor, texture, color, and nutritional value of food prior to freeze-drying,
    so you can enjoy it to the full
    •Can be preserved for long periods at room temperature
    •Light and easy to carry
    Excellent Flavor and nutration and very very convenience
    Just waiting for 10 seconds only after you pour the water! Easy, tasty and healthy
    With instant soup, you get the health benefit and excellent flavor and taste.
    · These products are attracting attention as health foods.
    · Excellent nutritional food source for family preparedness.
    · Easy and tasty
    · Very suitable for breakfast,lunch and dinner
    · Very filling, Better digestion
    · Deit food and easy to loss Weight
    Ingredient of our instant soup
    · (Vegetables, mushrrom, eggs, green onion, antioxidants (vitamin E)), soy sauce, syrup reduction, salt, dextrin, seaweed extract, mushroom extract. Different kinds of soup with different ingredient.
    The shelf lift
    · 2 Year
    Enjoy the soup
    Freeze drying process
    1. Preprocessing: Make the seasoning
    2. Preliminary freezing: Place the items seasoned with the miso seasoning into a container and
    freeze it (around -30℃) in the preliminary freezer
    3. Freeze-drying: Place it in the vacuum freeze dryer and decompress to create a high vacuum
    4. Postfreeze-drying: What was originally water content leaves a void, and when water is added,
    water content is replenished returning the item to its pre-freeze dried state
    Different Package
    8g/piece/bag; 12g/bag, 500 bags/carton
    Here with different kinds of package up to customers requried.
    We have packed into box and carton.
    Also pack in cup and carton.
    Our Certificates

    Our Facotry & Workshop Dried Soup manufacturers

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