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    п»ї10 tips not to abandon the diet |
    Did you know that 40% of those who start a diet leave it? To break the statistics and, above all, to achieve the goal of winning the battle to the scale we tell you the 10 infallible tips to not abandon the diet. Do you dare to regain your ideal weight without great efforts? Take note because these tricks will help you.
    Following a diet can become complicated, especially if the diet does not make it easy for you (monotonous and repetitive menus, a diet that is too long …) and to this we add that you lose the pecking and, at the same time, the willpower Not seeing fast results. Losing weight does not have to be difficult, but quite the opposite. To make it easier for you, here we tell you the best tricks so as not to disrupt the diet. Put them into practice and you’ll see how the diet is much more bearable and, above all, more effective.
    Tips not to leave the diet: 10 tips
    Set objectives: For a diet to work the most important thing is to be objective, that is, to decide from the first moment how many kilos we want to lose and in how much time. In addition to the final objective, it is advisable to establish mini-objectives, that is, small purposes that will help us lose weight.
    Get motivated with prizes: Yes, rewarding yourself is the best way to increase motivation. For example, give yourself a prize – a hairdressing session or buy a piece of clothing – by losing the first two kilos.
    Avoid pecking: Chopping between meals is one of the main saboteurs of any diet. It is true that hunger can assail us between hours, but if you do not want to spoil the diet, it is best to avoid more caloric foods and replace them with fruits, vegetables, jellies, chicken or turkey meat and skimmed yogurt. An infusion of slimming herbs is also a good option. Try these snacks with less than 200 calories.
    A day of whim: Yes, without regrets, because taking a day on a whim will help you fight anxiety. Nothing happens if one day you take a candy or a candy.
    Two glasses of water before eating: Water does not provide calories and also helps you control your weight thanks to its thermogenic and satiating effect. A trick that will help you feel satiated before and, therefore, not to eat more than the bill is to drink a couple of glasses of water before eating.
    Keep a food diary: Write down what you eat and what you spend. It is important to plan the menu of the week, with simple and balanced dishes, using depurative foods such as vegetables and fruits. Dispense with precooked foods, pastries, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, fried foods … And also very important, respect the five meals of the day and do not skip any, especially breakfast.
    Physical exercise to burn calories: To complement the diet, physical exercise is the best ally, since it not only helps you burn calories, but also to shape your figure and combat the anxiety and stress that can cause you to be on a diet. With just going for a walk every day for a little while you will avoid accumulating weight.
    Sleep: Sleep is not only restful, but sleep helps you lose weight.
    Complementary treatments to accelerate weight and volume loss: cryotherapy, lipotherapy or carboxytherapy will help you lose weight and shape the figure.
    Consult your doctor: If you need help to lose weight do not forget to consult your doctor, especially to help you change the eating habits that make you gain weight without realizing it. They will also help you to combine the diet with the right exercise.

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