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    Product Description
    Model: SG7220
    Product Name: laser engraving galvo head
    Material of outer holder: Aluminum Alloy
    Color Of Outer holder: Sliver&Blue
    Product Size: 96.5x94x114mm
    Gross Weight (Including wire and power supply): 3.1kg
    Package Size: 29x23x14cm
    Function & Application: Common marking, rotary marking, flying marking and other applications.
    Product Advantages:
    1.It is the highest cost-effective galvo scanner for laser marking system.
    2.The input aperture is 10mm. It mainly used in high speed and marking on the fly.
    3.It has a superior performance of zero drift, higher speed, lower temperature and stronger anti-interference.
    Parameter Details:
    Motor Specification of SG7220:
    Working Temperature0-45°C
    Setting Time≤0.3ms
    Scale Drift40PPM/°C
    Zero Drift<15μRad./°C
    Long-term Drift Over 8 Hours<0.5mRad
    RMS Current2.0A
    Peak Current15A(Max)
    Maximum Scan Angle±15°
    Storage Temperature-10 to +60°C
    Input Aperture10.0mm
    Beam Displacement13.4mm
    Motor Weight220g
    Servo Driver Board Specification of galvanometer drivers:
    Input Voltage MAX.RMS±15VDC
    Interface Signals DigitalXY2-100
    Position Signal Input Resistance1K±1% Ω
    Position Signal Input Scale Factor0.33V/°
    Position Signal Output Scale Factor0.33V/°
    Working Temperature0-45°C
    1.Q: MOQ?
    A: 1 set
    2.Q: What kind of reflecting mirror support?
    A: 1064nm, 10600nm, 532nm, 355nm, and other wavelengths.
    3.Q: Delivery time?
    A: Within 7 days after receiving your payment.
    4.Q: How about the payment?
    A:We support T/T, PayPal, Cash, Escrow and Western Union.
    5.Q: How can you connect with us after purchased our products?
    A: After purchased our products, if you have any questions, please contact our service hot-line: 86-10-62979055/62979755.
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