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    vacuum chamber glove box
    acuum glove box chamber for lab research
    DECO-VGB-SS-4 is a stainless steel glove box with 2 Antechambers, 4 Glove Ports, Gauges and vacuum Flanges, which allow glove box operate under clean atmosphere to remove moisture and oxygen. The manual isolation, antechamber, and purge valves provide easy one hand reliable operation.

    The vacuum glove box system can be used for handling(i) a solid, powder, or a liquid which is unstable in the air, (ii) a radioactive substance and (iii) a very toxic substance. After forcibly evacuated in a short period of time by a vacuum pump, the system inside is hermetically filled with predetermined inert gas (N2, Ar, He, dry air or the like) up to a normal pressure. Operations can be executed through the gloves. A specimen is put in and out through the antechamber.
    A cost effective solution for clean atmosphere applications.
    It is an ideal tool for material and chemical researchers to process air sensitive materials and solutions. It also provides universities and commercial firms a cost-effective solution with full inert atmosphere performance and a user friendly control system.
    Product features:
    1.The entire cabinet is made of stainless steel, and then reinforce processing, surface spray, so it is sturdy, corrosion resistant and easy to clean;
    2.The front side of operation box is organic glass, with broad perspective without dead angle,
    3.Operating gloves are reliable and durable which sealed with thick Butyl gloves;
    4.Sealing device designs innovative, seals reliable, start easily;
    5.Equipped with faucets inside and outside, make it convenient for accessing water and ventilation;
    6.The two doors in transition chamber solve the problem of repeatedly evacuated on the main casing;
    Item NO.DECO-VGB-SS-4
    Main BoxCase Material : Made of 6mm thickness 304 stainless steel sheet which provide heavy duty structure for vacuum
    Dimensions : 1400mm(L) x 700mm(W) x 800mm(H)
    Full view front panels, 1400mm(L) x 530mm(W) x 20mm(T)
    4 glove ports, Dia175mm
    Max. Positive Pressure : 0 MPa
    Max. Vacuum Level : -0.1 MPa
    AntechamberDimensions : 280mm(OD) x 500mm(L) x 6mm(T)
    304 stainless steel, mounted on right end panel
    Stainless Steel sliding tray included
    Manual antechamber ball valves for evacuation and refill
    Antechamber, MiniDimensions : 120mm(OD) x 200mm(L) x 6mm(T)
    304 stainless steel, welded to right panel
    Glovebox PurgeManual 304 stainless steel ball valve. Standard feature
    LED Light12V 28W 1800LM LED rigid bar, inner fixed over the window
    Glove Port CoverDia190mm x 8mm(T)
    Internal Power ExtensionOne extension socket (Max power 6000W) is installed in the glove box main chamber
    GlovesSize : 200mm(D) x 800mm(L) x 0.4mm(T)
    Two pairs of Black Butyl Gloves are included for immediate use
    Vacuum PumpPumping rate : 2.1 CFM (3.6 m3/h)
    Rotary-vane Vacuum Pump
    Net Weight380KG
    Application Notes:
    1. Always check the joints, gloves, sealing elements, and pipelines for air-tightness before and during the operation
    2. Corrosive gases are prohibited as they will damage the sensors
    3. The inlet and outlet of the Antechamber must not be opened at the same time to prevent contamination by the external gas
    Photo show:

    Packing: Lab Vacuum Glove Box manufacturers

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