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    Brief Introduction:
    PH meter, water analyzer pH meter is a commonly used equipment, mainly used to accurately measure the pH value of liquid medium, coupled with the corresponding ion-selective electrode can also measure the ion electrode potential MV value.
    NanBei pH meter is widely used in environmental protection, sewage treatment, scientific research , Pharmaceutical, fermentation, chemical, aquaculture, tap water and other fields. The instrument is also a food factory, drinking water plant to do QS, HACCP certification in the necessary testing equipment.
    Features for water analyzer pH meter:
    1.Larger color touch screen with navigation operation;
    2.Intelligent operating system, support method management, electrode management, calibration management, data management, user management and other functions.
    3.To support electrode management, up to 5 pH electrodes can be used;
    4.Support Buffer group management, automatically identify 25 buffer solutions such as DIN and NIST. Up to six points of pH calibration;
    5.Support firmware upgrades and contact with PC or automated samples;
    6.Supports storage of 100 sets of measurement methods and 1000 sets of results;
    7.To meet GLP norm;
    Technical parameters:
    Model Specifications PHSJ-6L
    Parameters pH、mV(ORP)、Temperature
    Range pH (-2.000~20.000)pH
    mV (-2000.00~2000.00)mV
    Temp (-5.0~130.0)℃
    Resolution pH 0.001pH
    mV 0.01mV
    Temp 0.1℃
    Accuracy pH ±0.002pH
    mV ±0.03%FS
    Temp ±0.1℃
    Stability (±0.002pH±1bit)/3h
    Power AC Adapter (Input:100-240V AC,1.35A;Output:24V DC,3A)
    Dimension(mm),Weight(kg) 280×280×130,2.5

    Q: How do I choose the PH meter that suits?
    A: Dear customer, If you can’t confirm the right model.
    Q: Please let us know where will you use it and what material will you test?
    We will recommend you suitable model ASAP.
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