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    Product Name: Spunbond Non Woven For Medical
    Product Description
    Products Name:Spunbond Non Woven For Medical
    Material:100% Polypropylene
    Prouduction Technique:Spunbonded/meltblown
    Normal Weight8.5-70g/m2
    widthwithin 3.2m
    Roll lengthdepend on your request
    FeatureGood strength and elongation ;spuer soft;breathable;
    hydrophilic or hydrophobic,anti- bacterical,etc
    Free SampleYes
    MOQ5-6tons each size (suitable for one 20’ container)
    100% Polypropylene, function additives
    Polyethylene is a crystalline thermoplastic resin. Their chemical structure, molecular weight, degree of polymerization, and other properties are largely dependent on the polymerization method used. The polymerization method determines the type and degree of branching of the branches. Crystallinity depends on the degree of regularity of the molecular chain and the thermal history it experiences.
    Polyethylene is very sensitive to environmental stresses (chemical and mechanical), and its thermal aging resistance is inferior to that of the polymer’s chemical structure and processing strips. Polyethylene can be processed by the general thermoplastic molding method (see plastic processing). It is widely used for the manufacture of films, packaging materials, containers, pipes, monofilaments, wire and cable, daily necessities, etc., and can be used as high-frequency insulation materials for televisions, radars, etc. With the development of petrochemicals, polyethylene production has developed rapidly, and production has accounted for about 1/4 of the total plastic production. In 1983, the total production capacity of polyethylene in the world was 24.65 Mt, and the capacity of equipment under construction was 3.16 Mt. According to the latest statistics in 2011, the global production capacity reached 96 Mt. The development trend of polyethylene production shows that production and consumption are gradually shifting to Asia, and China is becoming the most important consumer market.
    Quality test and guarantee
    Rigorous quality control and product test supported by advanced and professional lab
    Providing high quality products always will be our primary mission and duty.
    We attending exhibitions annually in order to catch the wave of the industry and communicate with our customers from all over the world.
    Packing & Delivery
    Production ProcessRaw Material For Medical factory

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