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    Using waste heat from power generation or industrial process as the energy source to realize free cooling,Industrial waste heat, exhaust from power generation are 100% green energies and can be treasure instead of waste.
    Cooling principle
    The input heat energy heats LiBr solution to high temperature and generate vapor, which is then condensed into water by cooling water. When the refrigerant water enters evaporator (in high vacuum condition), its temperature goes down immediately to 5℃ and is sprayed over the evaporator tubes, to make chilled water drop down from 14℃ to 7℃ to make cooling. The refrigerant water absorbs heat from air conditioning system and evaporates, then is absorbed by concentrated LiBr solution from the generators. The cooling water takes away the heat and rejects it into the air. Diluted solution is pumped into generator to be heated to begin the process all over again.
    Notes: lithium bromide is a salt of strong hygroscopicity, nontoxic and harmless, with no greenhouse effect and no damage to the ozone layer.
    What kind of energy sources for BROAD chiller?
    Natural Gas, Diesel, Heavy oil, biogas, solar, hot water, exhaust, steam etc.
    BROAD chiller can be “three functions in one”, cooling/heating/sanitary hot water.
    What is the minimum chilled water and condenser water temp?
    5°C min. for chilled water and 10 °C min. for condenser water inlet.
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