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    ◆Our Factory
    S CARBON CO.LTD (Dongguan Shencai Plastic Products Co.Ltd), known as black sand inventor,is one of the most advanced technology of black sand and black masterbatch in China. Differ from other masterbatch producers ,S CARBON has its own carbon black factory.It is headquartered in the workshop of the world—Dongguan City, and established in 2005. Along with over 10 years striding forward, S CARBON, adhering to the concept of “quality & customer & growth focus”,has cooperated with numerous manufacturers with high-quality product, reasonable price, and satisfactory service.
    To meet the ever-growing demand of clients,we have 12 sets of advanced manufacturing facilities, and hundreds of employees including 6 engineering technologist and 12 managers. Also, our annual output has risen to over 15000 tons. The main products of S CARBON are: specialty carbon black, carrier-free universal black sand, and black masterbatch, which are broadly applied in industry of: thermoplastic, cable & wire, paint & ink, leather, etc. All products of our company have been certified by SGS company.ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 system registered.

    S CARBON is dedicated to become the international production company with industry-leading production technology, continually innovative product, and satisfactory service. Looking ahead, S CARBON will spare no effort in its pursuit of strive to become a top-notch black colorant company in China. We warmly welcome friends from all over the world to cooperate with us and have a better future.
    Hengxin Carbon Black Co.,Ltd, a subsidiary company of S CARBON, is a leading specialty carbon black company headquartered in Inner Mongolia, China. Since its inception in 2003, Hengxin has cooperated with numerous companies and provided them their desired colorant. We mainly produce high color special carbon black, medium color special carbon black and regular color special carbon black. Compare to other color black factories, we have advantages of high productivity, and advanced production facilities. The floor space of Hengxin is over 42000 ㎡ and the annual output of carbon black can reach 12000 tons. We are a team sincerely cares about our customers. To meet customers’ requirement, we have professional testing and analysis equipment of developing new specialty carbon black. Hengxin desires to cooperate with more friends with our high quality products and satisfactory services.
    ◆Our Product
    Specailty carbon black ,black masterbatch ,color masterbatch ,black sand ,color sand
    ◆Product Application
    Film blowing ,injection moulding,compounding ,calendering,extrusion.
    ◆Our Certificate
    ISO9001, ISO14001
    ◆Production Equipment
    Twin screw extruder, mixer ,other test machine(film blowing machine,injection moulding machine, two roller mills, )
    ◆Production Market
    our products have been exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Asia etc.Universal Pigment For Plastic

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