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    LZZBJ9-10A Type Current Transformer
    LZZBJ9-10(A) current transformer is suitable for power measurement, current monitoring and relay protection in power system with rater frequency 50Hz or 60Hz and rater voltage 10kV.
    Applicable Standard: IEC60044-1, GB 1208 .
    Operation Conditions
    Installation area: Indoor.
    Ambient temperature: Max. temperature 40ºC;Min. temperature -5ºC;Daily average temperature can’t exceed 30ºC.
    Air conditions: No heavy pollution in air.
    Technical Parameter

    ModelRated primary current
    (A)Combined accuracy classesRated output (VA)Rated short-time thermo current (kA/s)Rated dynamic stability current (kA/s)LZZBJ9-10A50.2/10P10 0.5/10P10 0.2/10P15 0.5/10P1510/15 10/15 10/15 15/150.451.13100.92.25151.353.38201.84.5302.76.75403.69504.511.25756.
    Rated secondary current: 5A or 1A.
    Rated insulation level:12/42/75kV.
    Structure and Feature
    Current transformer have the whole-sealed structure with epoxty resin as its main insulation. Its core adopts the crystallitic alloy or excellent silicon steel sheets to enwind becoming annular, then secondary leads are enwinded on it evenly.Primary conducts are winded by insulation belt to avoid short circuit between conducts. There are earth bolts and holes suitable for mounting on the bottom of the product suitable the mounting.wholesale High Voltage Component

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