This is a description of my journey from the day I felt ill and started the journey of a life time having been diagnosed with cancer. I will not hold back on the hardships and trials and tribulations I faced but hopefully it will encourage you to have hope and faith that things can improve for you and hopefully deliver you from the many dangerous traps and unscrupulous people wishing to deprive you of your savings with the promises of miracle cures for ‘only just a few pounds’. I hope to inspire all Warriors to re-evaluate their own personal positions including; any medical advice received, conventional or alternative. What are your best options for you?  Can we help? We welcome your stories, which we can add here to inspire other warriors, so any contributions please contact us.


Fellow warriors around October 2014 I felt unwell and late one evening took myself off to hospital being chaperoned by my best friend my wife who from that day has cared for me, supported me and encouraged me to fight to live. I need not go through in great detail the actions or indeed many of the words, many of you have already heard or indeed may experience sometime in the future, suffice to say I was advised from initial x rays that I needed a biopsy to determine what the shadowing was on my chest. (there is a funny story attached to my biopsy which I will recall at a later date, or indeed will retell in person if you need cheering up). I was then told I needed a PET scan which was duly done and around new years eve 2014/15 I was diagnosed with a terminal cancer and given a life expectancy prognosis of approximately 3-6months, this  was later confirmed by the good old USA sites, that popped up following my “what is inquiry to Google“, indeed it was suggested that I may not be around to see my sons 18th birthday and to buy him that first legal pint. Well my friends I took him for his 18th and subsequently took him for his 19th and have every intentions to take him for his 20th and so on. Furthermore I was advised that I should go home and “put my affairs in order”. Well I have and by the way feel much better for it, thank you. But my ideas of “affairs in order” had a slightly different agenda than their intended advice, mine included adjusting my taste buds, getting over, overnight sweats and most importantly how to continue living. I realised that I had a worth certainly to my children and wife. And they inspired me to stand up and continue being a fighter as I have been my whole life. I guess you could say I was born a Warrior!”

Having been struck by the shear terror and the look of horror in my wife’s eyes when the consultant spoke, I realised only to well, I had to find a way to put my life back on track and to regain my humanity by believing in hope for a future!

Ps (I have since been able to sort out all those nasties that is natural for a human to want to avoid addressing, including sorting out wills, funeral arrangements etc) NOW I look at it as job done , Now on with life!

At a consultants key staff meeting it was decided that I wasn’t trendy enough and should indeed be tattooed to mark a path for a programme of radiation, which with long term warnings noted but having been told I didn’t have a long term future, didn’t seem to be of concern at that time. However the effect of the radiation including the chipping of the tumor and the subsequent nerve damage and side effects made me deeply regret ever having attended the initial consultation. I was then told to attend for chemotherapy, which I declined. On the actual day due for chemo, at about 8.30am, the chemo nurse actually telephoned and seemed put out that I had not arrived with enthusiasm for her course of wonder, I must state now I personally have no, none, zero regrets whatsoever, in declining that course of action. I have subsequently spoken to at least seven MD’s, two oncologists and three senior key cancer staff. Not one, would confirm that they would undergo chemotherapy or indeed would want one of their loved ones to do the same!

As I have already stated, my job was to learn to live again and get through all the sleepless nights. I have now learnt to face & except the future (I have one) and look forward to great times of enjoyment with my family and friends!

So you might ask, so what we’ve been there we know what you mean, we know what your saying, whats so different about you and your site? Well my friends here’s the difference, there are many sites out there some of which we have links for. Where like me initially you can get conventional medicine information, which will probably break your heart and that of your family and generally take away any real hope of a future, again there are many sites out there that make claims and false promises with the sole intent of depriving you and your family of what savings, if any you might have! I myself have gone through some very costly exercises and in a good position to advise other warriors what is and what is not possible, probable or likely to happen as a result of your intended actions regarding alternative treatment options, that might be available to you!

I must stress once again that neither I or other CRU Warriors who voluntarily man this site are doctors and do not possess any medical qualifications whatsoever. However. between us we have combined many years of experience and first hand knowledge to such an extent that we believe we can offer sound advice based on what we know to be true, honest, sincere and caring for our fellow Warriors. Again as the site develops, we will be posting more and more advice here including alternative treatments and how to bring these about and the concerns and pitfalls of such actions. To that end it is essential that should you or a loved one wish to join the CRU, to be honest so that in our endeavors to help we will be able to do the best for you. So treasure this website and use it to be compassionate and understanding of your fellow Warriors needs and wants. Help Storm bring to all the victims who need help, the genuine opportunity to have a life filled with hope and peace for their future!  Thank you Storm

To be continued…